North Torrance Girls Softball League (NTGSL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of good sportmanship achieved through healthful and postive recreation for girls. The goal will be attained by recruitment and training of qualified

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Welcome to NTGSL's website!

        WELCOME to the official site for North Torrance Girls Softball League!   

North Torrance Girls Softball is a premier, recreation, youth softball league located in North Torrance. Our league offers fastpitch softball for girls ages 4-14 of all skill levels & training backgrounds. Proudly, NTGSL is a Los Angeles/ South Bay So-Cal, B Division of USA Softball Association (USA Softball is the governing body of Softball worldwide). North Torrance Girls Softball League (NTGSL) is a non-profit organization that is ran 100% by volunteers. NTGSL is dedicated to the development of good character, sportsmanship, and fair play,  we encourage and promote these traits through healthful and positive sports recreation for girls. NTGSL recruits and trains qualified adults at the community level. Volunteers at NTGSL are encouraged to lead by example. The building of character and the molding of personality transcends the acquisition of athletic skills or the winning of games. NTGSL's primary goal is to provide good recreation and leadership for the girls in our care.
This website contains a lot of great information about our league and is often a good place to see the upcoming events and other league happenings. We (The NTGSL Board) hope you have a great softball experience here at NTGSL and hope that you make many memories, and friends along the way. If you would like to become more involved we welcome you to participate. To inquire you can email: or stop one of us board members and we would be very pleased to share information.
If you would like to offer a suggestion or comment about this websites information please give us feedback (on the feedback tab), and we will try our very best to keep the content relevant.



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3/24/18 - Fields are open

3/22/18 - Hamilton Fields Closed today due to Flooding. NT Board 2:32 pm 


3/15/18 - Fields are recovering a little from last nights rains, but we will play all scheduled games today.


3/14/18 - I know this is starting to be normal but Jr. Coaches is cancelled due to RAIN!�¿½¿½

3-10-18 @ 10:00 am All remaining games at Hamilton Fields will be canceled for the remainder of the day we apologize for the inconvenience thank you very much ntgsl board

Hamilton Fields will remail OPEN until weather conditions change. - Unpdated 3/4/18

Fields will remain CLOSED�¿½¿½�¿½¿½�¿½¿½for Alll games scheduled to play at Hamilton today Saturday March 3, 2018. We apologize for the inconvenience. NTGSL Board. - updated 3/3/2018 @ 7:37 am

CLOSED - Friday March 2, 2018 -Please check back in the morning for Saturday Scheduled Games. Updated 3/2/18 6:24 pm