North Torrance Girls Softball League (NTGSL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of good sportmanship achieved through healthful and postive recreation for girls. The goal will be attained by recruitment and training of qualified

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NTGSL Parents Information 



NTGSL is a family league, our board members frequently brainstorm various ways to involve our families into a players softball experience. In the past few seasons we have really focused our efforts to provide education and other resources for our Coaches so they can take your player to the next level. Many  of our coaches are returning coaches that network, research and really troubleshoot ways to improve their knowledge of the game and different techniques or strategies to help players/ team succeed. Our seasoned coaches have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours learning about the game of softball.

Parent / Player Expectation:

NTGSL is a recreational program so above winning and competition we ask our coaches to please lead by example by showing positive leadership, having good sportsmanship, and to try and understand and manage a players/ parents expectation. Please know that NTGSL is very respectful of our coaches abiltiy to mange the dynamics of their rosters. We ask all our players and their families to be respectful of their selections. We also have a great group of umpires that will officiate your players games thourghout the season, we ask that you show these officials respect and refrain from banter or engaging in verbal attacks, they are only human and they are going to mess up a call. Your coach, if they so choose, will address any call they see quesrionable directly with the offical.  

Season Info:

NTGSL plays just about year round.

  • Spring Season runs from around the second week of February and goes thru mid May. Our Spring being the most common season for players to play often offers a little more competition. In spring our players usually receive a full unifrom, which varies from season to season but typically will include 1 player jersey, 1 player pant, a headband or visor, and 1 pair of socks. You may ask to purcahse additional pieces if you would like. Players also receive pictures, a yearbook, and hardware either tropghy or medal.
  • All Stars Program is invitation ONLY. Players gear up to represent our entire league in several tournaments that span roughly all Sumer. (In 1994 NTGSL began to host our very own All Star tournament, Summer Slam. Summer Slam is a great time to bring your player and watch a few games. The level of focus and intensity these team have going into All Stars is incredible to see.)
  • Fall Ball is NTGSL's least competitive season as focus is on skills, player devlopment, and gives flexibility towards position exploration as well as introduces players to new divisions. Fall Ball is a short season and NTGSL does not control scheduling for this season as the  LA/Southbay District puts together the entire schedule for all leagues participating in the Fall Ball program. Because this season is short in time length to accomodate the time length every 

Softball is a process:

Most of us have seen those memes of the parents reaction to their child making an error, that last out to end the game, the ball between the legs that allowed that last run to score or the fly ball right to them that at the last second turned and dropped on the ground. Please have compassion and help her build the bridge to get over it. Errors are just as much part of the game as Grand slams. Sports wouldnt need to be practice if players never made errors.  Just some food for thought.